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Global Ecovillage Network

The Global Ecovillage Network is a world wide known network of intentional com­munities, ecovillages and national ecovillage networks working together to create a regenerative world.


Graphic Design, Social Media Package


GEN Europe



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The Brief

A social media pack is a bundle of beautifully designed templates to make your online presence more convenient. These bundles vary in content and design elements and are

compatible with social media platforms. They are designed to cater to your needs and consist of unique and diverse sets of designs to give you plenty of options to choose from. 

Web & Mobile

All my designs are responsive to several devices like mobile and tablet. You can be sure what every tailored piece will be visibly sharp, online, in every shape and size. 


Social Media Package

Everything changes and your online pages need one too.

Contact me for finding a solution together. It´s about quality not quantity. 

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