Hello! I specialize in Web Design,

Graphic Design and Conscious Branding. 

Print, Digital & Web.  

I support the visual co-creation (branding) of ethical, community based and sustainable projects or creative individuals looking to make a change.  I focus on working with environmental groups, eco-villages, independent businesses and local initiatives which are moving toward a

more thoughtful, beautiful and ethical world. My intention is to help make it visually authentic, easier and more affordable to join the marketplace for down to earth projects and passionate individuals looking to make the world a better place.




- Website tailored of up to 6 pages - (homepage, about page, services, portfolio, contact, blog)

- Custom menu header and footer

- Contact form (or any subscription form)

- All Social Media Connection 

- SEO & Newsletter Integration

- Wix connection - Domain and/or hosting, transfer or setup support

- 1h Coaching for Concious Branding 

- 1h Wix introduction for hand over 

- Responsive Design (mobile & pad friendly) 

- The website will be designed in WiX





- ONE Page scroller - the Homepage

- Maximum of 6 sections - Menu, Title, Header & Footer, About, Services, Contact. 

- Wix connection - Domain and/or hosting 

- Using a Wix Template of your choice

- 1h Wix introduction for hand over 

- Social Media Connection 

- Responsive and Mobile friendly Website

- Basic SEO set up 




Branding tells the story of your project or business—who you are, what you're about, and why you do what you do. It’s important to share this story with your audience from the very beginning. The Branding package will help you do that!

Together we will build your authentic presence - Concept, Colour Pallete, Fonts & Key Phrases. At the end you will receive a Brand Style Guide and support on how to use your brand in the online and offline world.  



Add extra elements to your website for an additional fee from the package. 

  • Gallery 

  • Shop 

  • Contact Form 

  • Pop-ups

  • Users 

  • Blog

  • Pages 

  • Bilingual option


What website platform do you design on?

I am a specialized Wordpress user since 2001 and I am a cheerleader for their development. Regardless, in my experience, people that want to have a user friendly design that they can edit & change when they want have been very happy with WIX.

WIX is a new, cutting edge platform that let´s you edit, change and use your website freely, without having to connect to a designer or programmer after. It is strong, safe and rated one of the best website platforms in Top 5 world Websites. Wix is used by over 100 million people across 190 different countries.

Wordpress sites will require a web developer to help with the coding process, which will affect the investment estimate and timeline. If you concretely wish for a Wordpress website, contact me nontheless and we can figure it out.

What´s next?

Fill out the contact form, and I'll be in touch within 1-2 business days. We'll schedule a Discovery Call to get to know each other better and figure out if we’re a good fit!

Will you teach me how to edit the website?

Yes! You’ll get a 60-minute 1:1 live training session which I record so you can refer back to it later along with a comprehensive PDF and a library of video tutorials detailing everything you need to know.

Do you offer payment plans?

Completly! 30% of the total payment price is due upon signing the Service Agreement (this reserves your spot in my schedule). Then the remaining investment will be split into two 35% payments, one due half-way through the project, and the other at the end upon hand over.




It's meaningful, impactful and beautiful.

A visual representation that will support your brand, idea, pitch, presentation or website.


Whether you need a new poster, set of visuals for your next big meeting or regular visual work to support communication with your audience - I can make it. 

Graphic design looks great on all channels. Whether you need for your website, app, blog, social media, or brand - you can't go wrong with a stylish media like graphic design.

genposter mockup.jpg


Flyer, Brochure, Magazine

Social Media Packages 


Posters - A4-A0 

Business Cards