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I am

I work with passionate, creative entrepreneurs and organisations to achieve the brand of their dreams by designing a look-and-feel that reflects their purpouse.

I am a professional Designer with 13 years of experience in conscious branding, digital design, print and creative facilitation. 

I have spent nourishing years of nomadic travel to visit and support ecovillages and communities, groups and NGO´s that bring their service to the earth.

My presence is anchored in the natural world offering me with inspiration in everything I do. 

I was born in the lightly new democratic Romania, in Bucharest. After finishing my studies in Film-Making and Media Design, at the University of Bucharest, I´ve worked in digital & print media and sustainability development. 


My interests and values led me into the world of intentional communities and sustainable living, being connected to the environment and genuinely concerned for It. 


I am part of Transition Town Romania, being a community catalyser since 2014 and I am a co-founder of the Permaculture Research Institute of Romania, a present NGO in the environmental sector. 


In 2019 I have worked for the Global Ecovillage Network as leading graphic & web designer. I am interested to work with emerging projects that add ethical value to the world: socially, ecologically and economically. 


Web Design, Graphic Design, Concept Co-Creation, Identity & Ethical Branding, Print, Digital & Web. 


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