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European Ecovillage Gathering 2020

The European Ecovillage Gathering is the annual convergence of the European Ecovillage Network and the dynamic expression of a movement: of the thousands of people across Europe and the globe engaging in local, community-led solutions to our greatest challenges. Every year, the event attracts around 800 committed co-creators, activists, ecovillagers, explorers, and leaders from all walks of life that come together to address the great challenges of our time.


Web Design, Branding


GEN Europe




The webpage aimes to highlight the Gatherings difference and added value to other festivals: their participatory nature, an event that truly creates a family/community in a few short days, and that is both practical and solutions-focused while being joyful and celebratory. 


In the process of creation, the webpage comes with it´s own Style Guide or Brand Book (see above). Showcasing it´s nature inspired colour pallete, typography and way of using photos helps users to identify with the Gatherings image and apply it in all their communication.


Webdesign & Branding

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