Permaculture Research Institute of Romania

The Permaculture Research Institute of Romania is a network of professionals and entrepreneurs from various professional fields who develop and support ethical

eco-social projects in Romania trough the practice of permaculture from a multidisciplinary perspective. Their services include research, consulting, mentoring, education and implementation of regenerative projects with a positive impact on the environment and the community.


Webdesign, Visual Concept





The Brief

The ICPR webpage shows itself trough a reliable and contemporany feeling making consulting and food production close to us again. Together with the Institute team we have selected a colour pallete that represents their values - professionalism and regeneration.


The look and feel of The Institute homepage was hand crafted with stability and quality in mind. It´s steady simplicity speaks professionalism, being easy to use, modern

and responsive.

Webdesign and Support

Everything changes and your online pages need one too.

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